Your popsicle’s melting.

I feel much much better today.
I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday evening and bought a bunch of yummy smelling stuff. They are still having a big sale and I had a gift card with a little money left on it, so I got three different body sprays, two soaps and some hair stuff all for a dollar!
Then I worked on Shelley's birthday present. Happy birthday Shelley! Other people's birthdays make me way happier than my own. I can be a part of all the fun without all the stress of organizing everything. Plus, I love giving people presents.
I'm thinking about going downstairs to get some chocolate. I've been eating a ridiculous amount of chocolate lately.
Okay, so have you ever tried to concentrate on something while someone sitting right next to you is talking really loudly? I'm working on my tuning-out skills this week. I would try wearing headphones and listening to music, but that would throw me off too.
These are all really random thoughts. I've got to work on some stories.


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