There are like five people on the Starbucks patio right now. Not fair.

Oh man.
If I were smart, like I usually think I am, I would have used the last couple of days of the long weekend to rest and relax. Apparently I am not as smart as I thought, because I pushed myself to the limit, and the good times weren't so good anymore.
When I think of good times right now, I think of crawling back in bed and watching TV the rest of the day, perhaps while drinking milkshakes.
Fortunately this is a short week, although it will be action packed as far as work goes.
And the next two weeks will be short too.
Dave helped me get the Flickr account up and running and used his awesome computer skills to stick it on this blog. And he consoled me as he put my sad little camera on eBay. Could you ask for a better man?
Anyway, work is calling me. So are those cookies in the kitchen.


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