Got my sack lunch and can drink.

All this time I thought the new Coca-Cola Zero was Diet Coke renamed.
As I became increasingly annoyed with the phone guy hunching around my desk, turning my phone on and off –  I'M WAITING FOR AN IMPORTANT CALL – he glanced up to see the sweaty can of Coke Zero resting next to my mouse pad.

"How do you like that Coke Zero," he asked.

"Umm, I like it. It tastes just like Diet Coke."

"Really?! I can't stand Diet Coke, but I really like Coke Zero."

"I just thought they changed the name or something."

"Hmm, don't know about that."

This sparked my interest to do a little research on the matter and lifted any irritated feelings I had towards the guy. After all, he was helping me see the light. So, I found this: Supposedly this new drink has a unique taste. What was I thinking?


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