It's Friday again. Tonight is Shelley's second round of birthday celebrations. She has a special guest flying in for the festivities, so I wouldn't want to miss that.
I've had to turn off NPR several times throughout the past couple of weeks – something I rarely do – because of all the chaos happening around the world. It's hard to listen to and can really bring me down during my morning and evening commutes. I always feel kind of guilty for turning it off though. I think in order to be a responsible citizen, you should always be aware of what's going on in the world, no matter how harsh it is. So by turning off the radio, I feel like I'm turning my back on it all.

So, Diane Reem did a rundown this morning on everything that's been happening, from the terrorist attack to the G8 Summit and I chose to leave the radio on. One thing that I did hear today that really stood out was from someone living in Baghdad who was upset by the fact that car bombs and fatalities are pretty much an every day occurrence there and no one responds to that as much as they have to incidents such as the attack in London or the one in Madrid.

It's a good thing we have birthday celebrations and long weekend vacations to distract us from the rest of the world.


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