It’s gonna be great!

As I shampooed my hair this morning, a wave of unadulterated joy swept over me and I just about hopped up and down in the shower. But that would have been really dangerous, so I composed myself and went back to shampooing, occasionally grinning while doing so.
The thing is I had this realization that this is going to be the best week ever!
I'm coming along nicely with my stories as the Thursday deadline approaches. It's been so nice to have everything in order, as opposed to my usual scattered self.
As an interview wound down yesterday and we began chatting about things unrelated to the story I'm working on, we figured out that this professor I had last semester, a professor that would leave every student in his class in awe, was her boss a few years ago at a well known publication.
It's things like that that make this job really fun.
And in a few days I'll be floating on an inner tube and soaking up the July sun in beautiful Lake Travis. Despite the humongous Texas bugs that like to terrorize me in the summer and the fish that bump and nibble body parts (especially butts) that invade their warm water, this trip is something I look forward to all year long.
Everything is perfect right now, so don't mess it up.


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