The Lake

It broke my heart to leave the lake.
As we pulled away, rounding the Lake Travis dam, I stared back at the rolling green and sparkling blue and fought back the tears as I told myself, "It's not fair!"

I pleaded with Dave for a little bit to turn the car around and let us go back, but he reminded me that we had jobs and responsibilities waiting for us at home. We managed to squeeze in a lot of activity in those five days. We floated down the Comal, laughing in the face of an approaching storm. We fished, we swam, we took out a pontoon boat. Fish nibbled our feet and legs and our skin turned crisp in the hot sun. We spent late nights talking and drinking and smoking. I learned how to play poker and played some decent games. I saw two of my best friends, Sarah and Daniel. We watched a breathtaking sunset that turned our skin orange in its glow and made the greens and browns and blues pop. As soon as we arrived I was dreading the day we'd have to leave. They say all good things must end, but that just doesn't seem right to me.
One of these days that place will be my home.


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