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Bring It

You know how I said bad things were just around the corner? Well, turns out that wasn't my neurosis speaking.
First the pre-PMS hit me last week, sending me into a downward spiral of panic with nothing to catch my fall but a roller coaster of moods, headaches and cramps. That roller coaster started up on Saturday with a major freak out over what to eat for breakfast. This almost sent Dave over the edge too, as he let me know in not the nicest tone that I needed to CHILL OUT. I knew I was acting nutty, but I really don't have much control over these things.
Friday afternoon my dad called to tell me I was being sued for an unpaid medical bill. What unpaid medical bill? I've been in the emergency room twice in the past five years, and I believe the bills were paid. And I go to the doctor's office enough that they know me and if I don't pay a bill by mistake they charge me on the next visit.
So, I called the 800 number on the law firm's letter and left a message for them to call me back with more information. Then I did a Google search for the firm to find a direct number. The first 10 links or so were about people being sued by this law firm over non-existent medical bills. People stated that they've received harassing phone calls from the firm and countless letters threatening that if they didn't pay this would go on their credit reports.
I'm sure many people pay these bills thinking perhaps they overlooked some bill, or that since the bill wasn't a substantial amount of money they'd rather pay it than risk it going on their credit reports.
Well, they picked the wrong person to mess with this time, because not only do I get really fired up over stuff like this, but I'm also PMSing, and you don't want to mess with me when I'm PMSing.
Unless these bastards can produce a copy of my bill with my signature on it, they've got nothing. And if they threaten me, there will be Hell to pay.


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