The most obvious lesson for today is: no matter how good I think I am, I'm not THAT good.
And my affairs are never in order.
I've been working on this story for a while now, turned it in once and had it sent back. I'm trying to wrap it up, but for some reason I doubt it's ever going to be as good as I want it to be.
While balancing my checkbook last week I managed to overlook a $20 purchase that now has been teetering on the edge of flat-out broke.
My scalp is peeling and I have no idea what to do about this but wait it out. It itches, but I can't scratch it because then I'll look like I've got some major dandruff issues. And by the end of the week there's sure to be some nice piles of dead skin on the floor around my desk. What happened to my lovely tan?
And the fact that over half of my summer has flown by has really got me down. Maybe that means that my last two semesters will fly by as well.
Today is self-loathing day.
Tonight I have plans with a Denton friend, hopefully that will put me back in good spirits.


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