Keep me on my toes and kick me while I’m down.

Last night, while out with friends, we began discussing the Bush administration's marketing tactics, how they come up with catchy phrases that get caught in everyday vocabulary, etc.
I brought up intelligent design as something new you hear from the media since Bush is pushing to have it incorporated into schools as an alternative theory about creation and evolution.
One of the guys mentioned that intelligent design has been around for a while.
I mumbled that I'd never heard of it right as another guy said, "Well, there's a lot of idiots out there that haven't heard of it.�"

DOH! I assume he didn't hear my remark and wouldn't want to insult me by calling me an idiot. You know, it's times like these when I feel like a complete fool. I try to keep up with this stuff, because I just love to discuss it with others, but it's hard to compete with people six to ten years older than myself. Maybe that's no excuse though.
I think of myself as a somewhat well-read, aware person. These guys put me in my place. But man, to be put in my place by two guys.


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