Does my hair look bad now?

After feasting on All Good's migas, quite possibly the most fattening dish ever created, I resumed my crossword puzzle. I really suck at crossword puzzles, no matter how easy they are. This kind of makes me feel inferior. I mean, I'm supposed to be a writer and I can't think of a type of side dish having ten letters and starting with P.
I suck.
So, I'm trying to think of another word for Approved when our server comes by to refill Dave's coffee.
Server: Do y'all live in Oak Cliff?
Dave: No, I live in Lakewood.
Since I'm not in a very chatty mood I try to concentrate on the puzzle and leave the talking to Dave.

Server: Well, I remember seeing you at the Nodding Dog a while back.

Dave: What? Where? Huh?

I tune in, trying to think of what she's talking about.

Server: It was a while back, maybe a year ago�

Me to Dave: Oh, it must have been that place we went to with Mike and Lauren.

Dave: Did you work there?
Server: No, I was there with my friend.
Server to me: You look really different now. You had really cool hair. I remember telling my friend I liked your hair.

I nod and think this is kind of weird. This person has waited on us many times and never mentioned seeing us at Nodding Dog before.

I go back to the puzzle.

Server proceeds to talk to Dave about crime in Oak Cliff compared to crime in downtown. Then she makes some comment about how this topic is boring or something like that and walks away.

I pretend this never happened. Maybe it wasn't as strange as I thought it was.


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