Or maybe it was butter pecan…

There's this Blue Bell ice cream commercial that comes on every now and then. It's kind of like the Country Time lemonade commercials. These kids frolic in a field of tall grass with sunshine streaming down on them. They laugh and roll around and frolic some more while a song plays, "Blue Bell tastes like the good ol' days."

Anyway, I haven't actually watched this commercial. I usually glance at it while walking by the television or hear the song while I'm in the next room. The other day, the commercial came on while I was distracted with something else and Dave mentioned that he thought it was a stupid commercial. As he said that I thought about how commercials like this tug at my heartstrings and bring me to tears.
Aw, remember the good ol' days when we'd sit around eating big bowls of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and then we'd go run around in a field?
Maybe that never happened.


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