Damn You Rita

Things going on this week:
1. I'm sick with a cold or something.
2. I'm getting an EEG tomorrow.
3. There is a humongous hurricane headed straight for Houston, where most of my family lives.
I called different family members yesterday to figure out what their plans were. I think the general consensus was, "We'll just wait and see what happens. We'll keep you posted."

Well now Rita is a massive category 4, and chances are it will build strength to a 5 by the time it gets to the coast.

My grandma Maudie lives in a little old A-frame that faces the Gulf. She should be leaving Galveston today. I really hope she is. Maudie is kind of fearless in a strange way, but I think she's seen enough hurricanes and tropical storms to know when she really should get out.

I invited a bunch of family to come stay with me. Then I realized that these people don't get along all that well and my apartment is about the size of a shoe box. Oh well.

When I said that I've got my schedule booked up this week to keep my mind off the EEG, I really had no idea.


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