I really did have a good time. Really.

Standing at the top of the Space Needle and looking out at the snowy mountain range in the distance, I wanted to run away. I wanted to take a boat to that place and start something new and different and exciting.
Seattle is beautifully sad. Its residents trudge from one coffee house to the next with stoic expressions and warm rain gear. You can tell that they'd really like to be happy but the rain and cold get in the way.

Why bother fixing your hair and makeup in the morning? It'll just get ruined once you step outside. Why bother wearing cool clothes? They'll just get soaked in the rain.

I wanted to stalk Dave Matthews and force him to marry me (yes, I know DM is married and has kids) and write lovely songs for me every day, but we never got around to that.

Maybe next time.

I had expectations of Seattle going into the trip. Hollywood induced visions of slow dancing on a pier with the city sparkling in the distance and kissing someone special at the top of the Space Needle floated in my head. Okay, so I watch too many romantic comedies.

Dave and I had a lot of fun, never a dull moment really. It's just that everyone is so distracted by the weather and staying warm. And to be honest, Dave and I don't dance, unless we're trying to make people laugh. And it's really windy at the top of the Space Needle, and there are tons of tourists that kind of kill the mood.
By the end of the trip I was ready for some sunshine and smiling faces.


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