How to over analyze mundane situations

I'm very loyal to hairdressers. Once I find one I like, I keep going back until one of us moves away; kind of like with friends, boyfriends, family members.
I've been going to this particular salon for four years and I've already been through two stylists. This is very unusual behavior for me. The thing is, Letha did my hair for about two years until one day I called up to make an appointment and she was booked up with other clients. I was hurt. I thought I was the most important one. Letha was seeing other people and didn't have time for me anymore.

So, I asked the receptionist to set me up with someone good, funky, creative. And that's how I met Meredith. Meredith was great, except for that one time she told me I looked like a soccer mom because my hair was grown out and boring. But we got passed it, moved on, and she continued to cut my hair for a little over a year and a half.

Earlier this week I called up the salon to make an appointment with her and there were none available.

"How about Thursday evening?" I asked.
"A week before Thanksgiving?! Uh, no." said the receptionist. Like, how dare I ask such a question?

So I made an appointment with Leslie instead.

Seeing old stylists at the salon is like running into ex-boyfriends. Are you supposed to say hi? Are you supposed to hide? Are they going to be pissed seeing you with a new stylist?

Leslie washed my hair in the tub next to Letha and her client. I kept telling myself that she didn't recognize me or didn't care that I was with a new stylist, but I still wanted to throw a towel over my head and hide.

Leslie did a decent job on my hair. I'm always nervous when a new person messes with my hair. I've had many bad haircuts; haircuts that I've tried to cover up with clips and bags.

She did charge me way more than Letha and Meredith ever did, even after I complained to her about how I wanted highlights but I'm too poor.

I think next time I'll try to get an appointment with Meredith again.


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