The holidays, they’re here.

In order to appease everyone, I will be dividing my Thanksgiving break between my family and Dave's family. It actually works out pretty well. I'll spend Wednesday evening through Friday morning with my mom in Pasadena, drive back to Dallas, and then Dave and I will head up to Kansas and come back on Sunday.
I saw my dad, step-mom, brother, sister in-law and nephew over the weekend and everyone else last month at my sister's wedding, so they can wait until Christmas to see me again.

I'm lucky to have so many people that want to spend time with me, even though all of this traveling and planning can be stressful. And I'm glad that they're all understanding and willing to compromise. It makes my life a lot easier.
This holiday season might not be as difficult as I'd anticipated.

So, I spent the majority of the weekend at Homecoming. I actually went to the football game Saturday night; my first and last football game at this school. I really despise football, but it was fun watching Scrappy, our mascot, fall off of his trampoline, and listening to the Japanese foreign exchange students figure out cheers in English.

Friday night we went to the yellow house to see The Black Angels. It was a great show, despite the circumstances. The band was crammed into a corner of the living room and people were crowded into the house, some sitting on amps and standing on furniture. Dave told a really drunk kid that he's the bassist for Alice in Chains or something like that and the guy believed him.
I've got some really great stuff for the story I'm writing about the yellow house.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!


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