Snow Day

I'm in the middle of one of the craziest weeks of the semester. Actually, it's THE craziest week of the semester.
I'm up to my ears in research papers, essays and feature stories.

See, I've said it before, but you people that are out of college and think your life is more hectic now must have blocked out all the bad college memories.

It snowed in Denton today. I remember the first time it snowed after I moved up here. I was so excited. I just walked around campus, smiling like an idiot and calling up my old high school friends to tell them about it.

I didn't even know what an ice scraper was.

Now, the snowy weather just makes me want to eat. After I got home, I fixed myself a snack, baked some cookies, ate a few of those, and then started thinking about dinner.

Yeah, I'm thinking Mexican food.


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