Saying Goodbye

I think I bombed my Spanish final. In the blank where I was supposed to write the correct vocabulary word for someone who talks a lot (at least that's what I thought it was asking) I wrote, hablar rapidamente. And those sentences where I was supposed to fill in the blank with the verb conjugated to either present indicative or present subjunctive I just made stuff up.

Needless to say, I really wasn't ready for that exam. I hate present indicative and present subjunctive and past tense and future tense and all of the other tenses. I never want to see them again.
I did get caught up on all of the stories I had to write for the yearbook. You can tell where my priorities are.

I've got two more final exams and a portfolio due, and then I'm saying goodbye to the semester with a Yay Christmas! celebration with friends. I'm saying goodbye to long nights studying, weeks of studying for Media Law exams, too many hours spent in the office, meetings where we just sat there and argued about mundane details because we spend way too much time together.

I'm saying goodbye to it all. January will be different.

I'm getting caught up on my Christmas shopping. I'm low on funds, as usual, but I think everyone will be happy with what they get.

And this weekend Dave and I will head down to Austin for a weekend of best friends. Sarah and I will have Old Lady Drunk Nights (that sounds worse than it actually is) and I'll get to say goodbye to an old friend who is moving to Chicago at the end of the month.

Why do my friends move to Chicago?

January will be different.


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