And this is why I hate shopping.

I need a stylist. Have I already said that?
Dave gave me a gift card to Anthropologie and all I want to do is hand it to someone with a list of my sizes and have them pick out cute stuff for me, because I obviously can't do it myself.

I walked into the dressing room with an armful of clothes, made the dressing room attendant find more clothes in more sizes for me, and spent half an hour trying to decide if I really wanted to spend $60 on a T-shirt.

But I have to say, Anthropologie has awesome dressing rooms. The lighting is so perfect that it makes my faded red hair and mousy brown roots look gorgeous.

Hmm, for my birthday next month I would like a stylist and Anthropologie dressing room lighting to follow me everywhere I go.
Anyway, I walked out with a tiny fraction of what I went in with.

I did find some nice brown velvet pinstripe pants on the sale rack, but of course I have to take them to a tailor to be hemmed. My legs are so short.
And I tried on several napkin rings thinking they were bracelets. When I figured out that one of them was actually a napkin ring, I still considered buying it and passing it off as a bracelet. My lack of fashion sense is painful.
If anyone knows of a stylist that will work for free send him or her my way. 


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