Under the hood

The Women's Movement has come a long way, despite the sudden influx of women looking for husbands in college and aspiring to be stay-at-home moms (not that there's anything wrong with that), but when it comes to cars it seems like women just don't care to educate themselves.
The great thing about driving an old, run-down car is I get to learn a lot about car problems. I know how to check all of the fluids in my car, which came as a surprise to an older man watching me check the oil in my car at a gas station. I know how to check the pressure in my tires. I know what it sounds like when the fan belt is loose. I know what to do when a car overheats. And I know what oil and coolant leaks smell like.

These are simple things, really, things that most people who drive cars should know.

But the more I talk to women about cars, the more I realize that not only do they not know about these things, they really don't care to know.

At a party last weekend, I talked to a friend of a friend about her future move to Chicago. She told me about their plan to sell one of the cars before they move, and as the conversation progressed she told me about her hatred for putting gasoline in the car. She would rather run out of gas and call her fianc� for help than pull into a gas station herself.

A good friend of mine recently told me how she let her car go about 10,000 miles overdue for an oil change, because she doesn't like to take her car in for any kind of maintenance. Instead, she has her boyfriend or dad do it for her.

I stopped by a Shell station a while back to pick up a new tire pressure gauge and had to explain to a middle-aged woman who worked at the store what exactly this device did. Afterward she told me that her husband does that kind of stuff for her.

I think it's nice that husbands, boyfriends, and fianc�s are so willing to help out with car maintenance, but I'm a little appalled that women don't want to learn how to do these things for themselves.

With that said, I know how to replace an air filter, but you know, I'd rather pay a little more to have the guys at Mobil 1 do it for me.


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