This is what happens when you go hours and hours without talking to anyone.

As I walked out of the GAB (General Academics Building) the other day, I passed a guy who looked just like one of our old staff writers. He looked so much like this writer that I gave him a cheerful, "Hey!"
He gave me a weird look. A look that said, "Who is this freak and why is she so happy to see me?" and kept walking.

I felt really embarrassed and then wondered if I thought this guy was the old staff writer just because he was the same race and I wasn't paying attention. So then I felt racist and embarrassed and I sat down on the bench to smoke a cigarette and think about what a horrible person I am. Then I became very self-conscious, thinking this guy was going to walk out of the GAB and see me. But then I thought, you know, if a stranger said hey to me, even if it was inappropriately cheerful, I would still say hey back. I wouldn't be rude and keep walking.

I called up a friend to tell her all of this and she laughed at me.


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