Big Plans

I'm getting really excited about the next four or five months.
My birthday is just around the corner, and while birthdays generally stress me out, the anticipation of my birthday makes me happy.

The chances of Dave and I getting to see Coldplay and Fiona Apple in February are looking very good.

I'm saving up for a trip to Chicago in March. Most of this funding will have to come from donations from generous family members and friends as I am just a poor college student, but I'm being optimistic that the trip will happen.

Today, I'm going to send Nancy the Job Finder an email and see if she'll help me. Hopefully, she'll be the most helpful job-finder ever and she'll find the perfect job at the perfect place in the perfect city for me. We'll see.

I've got another big thing to be excited about, but I'm keeping it on the down low for now. I'll share when it's more appropriate.
That's all I've got for now.


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