Why can’t the world revolve around me?

I am so naive sometimes.
Last Friday I bounded into Nancy the Job Finder's office, ready to tell her about all the wonderful work experience I have; how much I've been preparing myself for a career by taking on jobs that will fill my portfolio to the brim and stand out on my resume.

My plan was to walk in and tell her, "I want to work for Texas Monthly. Nancy the Job Finder, make it happen!"

Of course, our meeting was nothing like that at all.

I told her that I want to move to Austin after I graduate and I've been looking at jobs online and can't find ANYTHING in Austin and I need help or my life is just going to end right now.

She was not sympathetic. In fact, she discouraged me even more by telling me about a young woman that moved to Austin last year and spent six months looking for a job, only to get her teaching certification and now teaches high school journalism. Ugh.
Nancy the Job Finder might as well have punched me in the gut right then. I left her office deflated.

So, I've been thinking about this all week, which has led me to obsess about it and work myself into a couple of near panic attacks. Not good.

Maybe thinking I could get a job at a wonderful magazine right out of college was stupid, but I have prepared myself quite well for something close to my dream job of the moment.

There's got to be something amazing waiting for me down there. I just have to find it.


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