yeah a tunnel from my window to yours

Giving someone as anti-social as myself an iPod isn't such a good idea. I get caught up in Grandaddy and Fiona Apple and Arcade Fire and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and I totally ignore people in the office who are trying to talk to me.
I've been so reclusive lately. It's not because I want to be, though. I'm a lot more focused this semester than I've been in the past. But last night I said to hell with it all and went out with my friends and had a really good time.

I talked to strangers and made people laugh and tried to convince the newspaper staff that they needed to merge with the yearbook staff. And as I walked through the parking lot to my car at the end of a long night I was so happy. I missed my friends.

I think my family is trying to drag out my birthday for as long as possible. And my birthday is still a week away. My dad and step-mom came up a couple of weeks ago and took me out for an early birthday dinner.

And this morning my brother called to tell me that Grandma was at his house cooking my birthday dinner, so I'd better not have any plans tonight. I knew she and my aunt were coming up here, but I assumed it was to see The Baby.

It's nice that people are doing things for my birthday right now, but I hope this doesn't mean I'll be all alone on my actual birthday.

Umm, yeah. That's all I've got.


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