Yawn. Stretch. Smile.

I was due for an illness of some sort. That's what I thought last week, and then Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I swallowed a brick before bedtime.
I'm on the mend now. I've got that warm, fuzzy Sudafed feeling, and I can smoke cigarettes without feeling like I'm jamming a pipe cleaner down my throat. I know I shouldn't be smoking, but nicotine is my lifeblood.

This week feels like the last week of school in elementary. It's warm outside, everyone has their flip-flops on, and things are winding down. We only get a week off, but everyone is so ready for it.

I got a job offer in Austin. It's a non-paying job, so I guess it's not really a job, but more like slave labor.

I have a serious deadline approaching on Friday and I am so behind on a class project, but I'm too loopy to care right now.

And I'm buying my cap and gown today. I don't think they should sell caps and gowns so early in the semester. There is still a chance that I could fail miserably. It's such a tease.


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