Still fuming

Well, it was a great weekend until the very end. Dave and I trucked down to Austin for a weekend of SXSW fun, met up with a bunch of friends, saw a few good bands.
I hate to complain, but I'm feeling whiny right now.
We headed over to the Long Branch Inn last night to check out The Black Angels 1 a.m. show and proceeded to have the worst time ever. I've never been so turned off (and that's putting it mildly) by the staff at any establishment like I was last night.

We saw a few bands there last year, and generally had a good time, aside from dealing with one of the bartender's bad attitude. Evidently, he is also one of the owners. So, when we got there last night I was not expecting to encounter such hostility from the staff.

I managed to keep myself together and block out the bad vibes until the very end.

At 1:55 a.m. the staff started yelling at everyone to get out of the bar. One of them hurled himself in my direction, almost knocking me over, and yelled, "The show's over!" Dave and I shuffled out to the patio and waited with the band and friends to figure out what we were doing next, until one of the guys from the bar shouted at us to get up and leave.

I held my tongue, wanting to yell back at him to chill out, and walked out to the sidewalk. As I waited for everyone else to follow, an old black man who was cleaning up the patio started harassing me, spewing lewd comments and telling me to get off the property. I told him I was just waiting for my friends and really wasn't on their property, but he continued to insult me. I was in complete shock.
I finally got Dave's attention and then broke down in tears. I should have called the cops on that man for harassment, but at that point I just wanted to leave, and I'm sure the bar staff wouldn't have cared.

After reading some comments about the Long Branch Inn, it seems like everyone that works there – the owners included – has the philosophy that if you don't like their attitudes don't come back. And I won't. In fact, I'll tell everyone I know to stay away from that place. I get that they all want to come across as bad asses, and I guess some people like being treated like shit. Or maybe they're just nice to the Austin scenesters.

The comments from the bar staff all seemed to praise the owners, acting like these guys are doing Austin some kind of favor and Long Branch customers should be lucky to breathe the same air.
People like the Long Branch owners and staff are what's wrong with Austin.


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