Cake and Cords and Online Shopping

Still no word on whether or not I got the job. I was told I would know within two weeks, and as the two weeks dwindles down I'm beginning to lose hope. But, I've applied for some other jobs. We'll see what happens.
Last Friday was Dave's birthday, so I spent the weekend having conversations like this:
Dave: Where do you want to go for brunch tomorrow?
Me: I dunno.
Dave: We'll go wherever I want to go, because it's my birthday.
Me: Well, thank you for asking for my opinion.
Or this:
(I'm lying on the couch watching a movie.)
Dave: Let's watch that Portishead DVD.
Me: Not right now.
Dave: Umm, it's my birthday.
What can I say? He's learned from the best.
Birthday weekends also mean that I spend every bit of money that I have. I just want the people I love to have super awesome birthdays. I ate a lot of birthday cake, too. In fact, I had birthday cake for breakfast this morning.
I went on a mini-scavenger hunt for Dave's birthday present on Sunday, and the gift was no where to be found. As I left the mall I decided to stop in Anthropology and happened to find some really cute burgundy cords for $6, marked down from $48! So, the scavenger hunt wasn't a complete loss.

As the birthday weekend came to an end and I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, I was in such a spin from so much activity that I began to make a mental grocery list. I got about five items into it before I had to make myself stop.

And now it's Monday. Ugh.


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