This and That

The weekend was relaxing. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next two weeks.
We went to Pedernales Falls yesterday. I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and the memories I have of the trip are pretty fuzzy.

There were lots of little kids at the park with their parents. Most of them were screaming and crying about how tired they were and they didn't want to walk anymore. The parents eventually coaxed the young ones down the trails with various tricks. I felt bad for these parents. Here they were trying to show their children the beauty of nature and the kids weren't having any of it. I think I probably acted the same way as a kid. And I think my mom was probably annoyed. Sorry, Mom.

I had a dentist appointment today. I hadn't been to a dentist in a couple of years, so of course he found a few cavities and told me I need my bottom wisdom teeth pulled, because they are crowding my teeth. I distinctly remember telling my dentist to pull them two years ago, and he said that since they were coming in straight it would be unnecessary surgery. Well, now my bottom teeth are crooked and I've got a cavity in one of the wisdom teeth.

Also, the only tooth that's bothering me is one of my front teeth. It's chipped and sensitive to everything. The only thing he can do for that is cover my teeth with porcelain veneers.

I think I need a second opinion.

As far as the house hunting goes, Dave found a really cute place, but we're not sure about the price and we weren't able to go inside. We drove around some awesome neighborhoods, but didn't see a lot of rentals. So we're going back down there soon – maybe even this weekend – to look around some more.

The more time I spend in Austin, the more Denton and Dallas depress me. It's time to get back to nature.


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