I think it's inevitable that we will turn into our parents, which is strange, because parents usually want their kids to be better than they are. They don't want us to make the same mistakes, they want us to be more successful, they want us to be happier, they want us to make them proud.
As I get older, I notice more and more of my parents' characteristics in myself. I'm very sensitive like my mother; I'm reserved like my father. I have my dad's sense of humor and my mom's laugh. I avoid confrontation like they both do. And while they have some wonderful qualities that I want to hold onto, I try to separate myself from them in ways so that I don't make the same mistakes they have made.

That might seem a little harsh, but I'm just beginning to see my parents as regular people. Their lives have been filled with good and bad experiences, lots of ups and downs, and there will be more along the way.

I want them to let go of me just a little bit and have faith that I will do the best I can. I will be happy. If I fall down, they have passed along skills so that I can pick myself up and keep on going.

And if I'm lost and need some help, they will be the first people I turn to.


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