Big Steps

We found our nook on the right side of the tracks. It's actually to the left if you face the front, but it's the right side. I've already begun to fantasize about all of the Ikea furniture we will fill it with. Between the two of us, we don't actually own a lot of Ikea furniture, but I plan to make a trip before the move.
Families wander around the neighborhood on Sunday afternoons and we're a few doors down from a meditation center. After the anxiety I'm about to put myself through with finals, graduation, finding a job, and moving, I might need to visit that place once we get settled.

Friends are asking me if I'm excited, as if I might have a look on my face that says otherwise. I'm excited by the idea of it, but right now I'm just drained. Moving is so stressful, especially when it's to a new city. I'm am looking forward to spending more time with my best friend who lives down there, and spending the weekends at the lake or the river, and getting to see Dave whenever I want, and all of the endless possibilities that a new place brings.

But right now, I just need to slow down.


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