It’s over, I’m done

I got my grades today, and I kicked some serious ass this semester. All those nights of staying home to study rather than joining my friends at the little strip of bars a few blocks away really paid off. I kept the webpage with my grades up for a little while so I could periodically go back and look and make sure I wasn't just imagining things.
I do the same thing when I step on the scale. I've got to do it three times in a row to make sure the numbers on the little red screen are correct. I'm not proud of the obsessive-compulsiveness in my personality.

So anyway, I'll receive a diploma in the mail in six to eight weeks, and I can officially say I have a degree in Journalism, which I think is pretty hot.

We're trying to get the yearbook wrapped up by the middle of next week and then it's off to Austin. So far everything has worked out amazingly. I hope it continues to.


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