Twin Peaks

After getting seriously hooked on Lost and having withdrawals since the season ended, we decided to rent the pilot episode of Twin Peaks.
Why Twin Peaks?

Well, Dave and I were too young to watch the show when it was popular and we hang out with a lot of people who were old enough to watch it and, long story short, everyone seems to think Lost is one of the best shows they've seen since Twin Peaks.
So, we watched the pilot tonight. I'm not a big fan of David Lynch films. I hated Blue Velvet, and Mulholland Drive was just too bizarre to follow. We turned Mulholland off when the women were in the theatre and the man on stage was screaming, "Silencio!"

Anyway, I didn't like the pilot episode. I feel like I'm missing something. I know a lot of film majors that think David Lynch is amazing, and they kind of irritate me. Is it possible that all these people actually like David Lynch films?


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