This isn’t what I had in mind

So, I got a job. It’s not very exciting, nor is it glamorous by any means. In fact, it’s data entry. After three weeks of training have ended, I will become a slave trapped in a cube farm. I will be required to meet daily quotas. And I will learn more about the inner workings of the low-income health care system than I’ve ever wanted to know.

I will not be allowed to surf the net. EVER. I will not be allowed to make phone calls. EVER. I will not be allowed to check personal e-mail. EVER.

I shouldn’t complain, though. It is a job. I do need to be a productive member of society. And I really want to take care of myself for a change.


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  1. * ~A says:

    ipod time?

    You could just set a goal for how much cushion money you’d like in the bank. That way, you work out how much you’ll be making, figure in expenses you must pay and then give yourself an allowance you’re not allowed to break. You can count on x number of dollars in the bank in n number of months after which time you can quit that job even if you don’t have something else yet and give yourself a little break before re-dedicating yourself to job-hunting full time again for something you want (and you’ll have as long as the savings will carry you according to that same budget). It’s how budding actors hold it together and what I’m going to have to consider again as it seems this job isn’t going to go where I want.

    The low-income health care system -it’s going to be the fastest growing industry coming real soon. be ready, it’s going to decide elections – and how much you get in your paycheck and how much goes to taxes.

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  2. * lauren says:

    Woohoo Data Entry! So I’m with Alberto. That’s really good advice Alberto, by the way. Some I should probably follow myself.

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  3. * mike says:

    Congratulations. What kind of signing bonus did you get?

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  4. * Rebekah says:

    That is good advice, ~A. As soon as I found out how much I’d be making, I started calculating how much all of my expenses would cost and how much I could put into savings.

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  5. * ~A says:

    Wow. Well, my other idea was to have you send all your money to me for safe-keeping and I would then just send you out money now and again on a need-only basis.

    Come to think of it, you could do that, too. 🙂

    (remember, the budget part is the biggest part. Learning how to say, “It’s not in my budget” and sticking to it – that’s the toughest thing to do. …perhaps you should just send your money to me.)

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  6. * Amy Bo Bamy says:

    Congratulations on your new job!! =)

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  7. * Rebekah says:


    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  8. * mike says:

    Great. Now that everyone’s working, who am I going to count on for daily blog updates?

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago
  9. * ~A says:

    My thoughts exactly this morning.

    | Reply Posted 12 years ago

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