There’s always something

Okay. So, I’ve been meaning to post something for a while now. I really have. But once I sit down at the computer I get distracted by MySpace and celebrity gossip and everyone’s blogs, and my brain goes on auto pilot. That’s what this job does to me.

I am so out of steam. I’ve been meaning to do a lot of things.

One thing data entry teaches you is how to find the quickest way to do everything. Efficiency is very important. It’s so important that it’s lapsing into my personal life. This is very, very bad, because I’m already a little obsessive and compulsive. Since I started this job, I’m always doing at least two things at once. Applying for jobs online while watching TV. Unrolling toilet paper while I pee. Letting the iron heat up while I make the bed.

And, you know, I keep putting the important things on hold. Things that I need to be mentally present for. Like calling my mom, whom I haven’t spoken to in too long. Or finishing In Cold Blood. Or checking up on my grandma, who is back in the hospital.

I remember a time not too long ago when I complained about never having time for the things I loved. But then, I did have time to sprawl out on the bed at 3 p.m. to catch an episode of Oprah.


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  1. * Jen says:

    Are you saying it’s not normal to unroll toilet paper while taking a pee? Another confirmation of my ability to multi-task, I suppose.


    | Reply Posted 12 years, 3 months ago
  2. * mike says:

    I hope you haven’t been wasting your time reading my blog. Because I barely ever update it anymore.

    I love fall.

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 3 months ago
  3. * ~A says:

    I totally prepare squares. It looks like you’re developing the post-college multi-task habit of longing wistfully for college days when doing almost any other task.

    You should watch Bush and his cronies speak more often – they’ll either blow smoke up your butt or getting you plenty steamed; either way, it should replenish your steam supply.

    So, you learning any juicy secrets with the data entry?

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 3 months ago

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