Who needs a Toddy?

I love iced coffee. I drink a big one every day. It’s my morning drink of choice, mostly because it’s as close as I can get to actually injecting caffeine into my veins, but also because I can slurp it down quickly before I start a shift. 

Because I work where I do, I collect lots of bags of coffee beans. I usually give them away, but it dawned on me that I could brew my own iced coffee at home. I used a recipe published in the The New York TImes because it’s classy, but there are lots to chose from out there. I adapted the recipe slightly by steeping the grounds in a press, so I wouldn’t have to strain it several times. If I’ve got to put that much effort into making coffee, I better get paid for it. This is low maintenance:

Put coarsely ground frijoles in the press and gently mix with about three times as much water. Put the top on – but don’t press it yet – and steep at room temp for 12 hours.

Press that sucker and pour some into a glass of ice. Add a little water to dilute it. Most days I prefer cafe con leche. So you know, think of your iced coffee as a blank canvas. Add or subtract whatever you like.

It’s super simple and so delicious. I’m opening my own coffee shop now. 


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