I sucked at standardized test then, and I suck at job interviews now

The Good

Out of 100 applicants, six were chosen to be interviewed. I was one of the lucky six.

The Bad

I was 15 minutes late for the interview. I have no clue where I was. All I know is locals are much better than Google maps at giving directions. You hear that Google maps? You suck!

The Ugly

I’m sitting across from Distinguished Gentleman Editor #1 and Distinguished Gentleman Editor #2. The first guy is silver and grandfatherly and the second guy reminds me of Dustin Hoffman. We’ve wrapped up the interview, I stand to gather my things and notice that my cheap, piece of crap Target belt has come undone. It feels like that time in eighth grade when my best friend Caroline flew across the lab table in science class to tell me my skirt was falling down and she could see my purple panties. Mortified. Who makes a belt without notches?!


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