Yeasty, but proud

I stopped by Walgreen's this afternoon to pick up another prescription for Diflucan. Turns out the first dose didn't work, because I took it while still on antibiotics.
After waiting in line for a ridiculous amount of time, I found out my insurance wouldn't cover more than one pill per month. In order to get that policy waived, my doctor would have to call the insurance company and explain why I needed two pills in one month.

This is the stupidest policy EVER. It isn't like I'm going to overdose on Diflucan or try to give it away to someone suffering from a yeast infection, although that would probably be a really nice thing to do.

To sum it up, I ended up paying full price for the pill to avoid waiting any longer.

In other news, I made it to Austin on Saturday for the job interview. I think it went alright, but I really don't know if I'll get the job or not. I was up against some stiff competition.

After finding out how much I would be working and what the job pays, I went to the interview with the attitude that they would have to convince me that the job was worth it. Well, they convinced me. I'm absolutely in love with that job, and I want it to be mine.

I worked really hard to get myself there and did my best to impress the staff members, so now I think they should hire me based on my efforts. Unfortunately, I'm not doing the hiring. It's out of my hands.

I'll find out if I have the job in about two weeks. In the meantime, I will be picking apart my performance until I've convinced myself that I suck and no one will ever want to hire me.

But really, I'm very proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone and going to the interview. If I can exude that much confidence and intelligence for six hours around a bunch of strangers, I think I can handle just about any interview situation in the future.


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